By Aimen Arshad

In this new era of Social Media, Instagram and Facebook now run in our blood. With so much involvement of Social Media in our lives, people are becoming more outspoken and judgemental. People are misusing the freedom it’s providing us.

Cyber bullying is not limited to common man but it is more affecting the lives of celebrities and stars. It is a sad fact that our public considers themselves as saints and celebrities as slobs! Hence, they feel obliged to cascade their moral and ethical values to celebrities by bashing them with comments like ‘besharam larki, bey-haya, islam main yeh sab nai allowed, khusri lag rahi/raha hou’ etc.

Let’s us look at the recent incident that has happened around us.

Nadia Hussain, a talented model who runs her own Salon as well posted a picture of her kids all dolled up for Eid on Instagram and some random people started bashing them. They passed humiliating comments on their looks and their dressing. They called her daughter ugly, witch and other mean words in the native language. And, to be honest it was not morally correct. But, Nadia didn’t choose to ignore. She instead took a bold stand for her kids and answered the haters in a similar manner.

This is what Nadia posted on her Instagram after the hate she received.

and here is her second post..

We are not defending Nadia’s reaction or her abuses however, her intentions and offence is on point. She is a mother and no mother in the world can tolerate anything against her kids. People need to realize that any form of bullying can cause severe harm to one’s personality and can actually cause emotional traumas.

And yes, all children are beautiful , people are beautiful so stop hating and start loving. Don’t offend people or give them a chance to offend you in return.

Do you think Nadia’s reaction is justified?

One Reply to “Here is why Nadia Hussain replied to her haters in a very harsh manner”

  1. Though what she did was wrong, I understand where she was coming from. Dealing with abuse and bullying are all learnt on the job for them. They learn to let these slurs roll of their backs and pretend never to have read or heard them. Most public personalities learn to grow thick skins and ignore these things. But we have to remember that they are real people, with real families and human emotions.
    If you go on and attack them with cruel and negative words and expect that none of it will come back to you, chances are it probably wont. But don’t be surprised if it does.
    I don’t understand where these cruel people come from and how full of hatred they are to think it’s alright to be this hurtful- as if they will never be accounted for any of this.
    So no, Ms. Hussain may have lost her cool but she isn’t wrong to have done so.

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