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Let’s talk about trendsetters. On November 17th, SRM launched its first complete fashion outlet, unlike anything you’ve seen before. It wasn’t just your average exhibition – the concept totally blew our mind!

Syeda Rafia Mamujee, the person behind SRM couture along with her husband, welcomed us to take a first look at how they do business. As the tour began, we noticed that their workshop is also situated WITHIN the studio. So the whole process of making clothes is transparent.

Let that sink in. This is remarkable – you can actually see the stitching, screen printing, washing, dyeing and designing all in one place.

Here’s what we saw:

1. Screen printing

2. Tailoring

3. Meeting room

Option of video call for international clients also available!

4. Colour department (colour mixing)

5. Dyeing

6. Washing area

7. Dark Room (Screen exposing)

We know what you’re thinking! You have to pay the big bucks for the big show. But that’s not the deal here. Without a doubt, the workshop is attractive; but what’s even more enticing are the prices set for the clients. The super affordable custom designing price ranges from 1,000 PKR to 3,500 PKR. Slightly increased prices from 3,500 to 10,000 PKR are for the formal orders. Where do you get such rates? Nowhere!

Here is a sneak peak from their collection:

The husband-wife duo told us that they wanted to maintain the quality with affordability. “The average income of a Pakistani is 25,000 PKR, and they can only afford a suit within the range of 2,500 PKR,” said Mr. Mamujee. “We wish to give them affordable clothing without compromising on quality.”

SRM couture is located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal block 2 and here’s their link.

Now get your dream outfits made in your own budget all thanks to Syeda Raafia Mamjee’s SRM couture!

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