Plan the perfect faraway fairytale wedding


by Abdul Noor Wasay

A decade ago, you would have only heard of one couple, from someone you knew, who flew out to a different country to elope. At that point, you might have even questioned their motives, but then you heard about how incredible their wedding was and you were in awe. Well, fast-forward to today, and almost every other couple is now planning a destination wedding; Just like our very own power couple “Virushka”. All thanks to the media frenzy, destination weddings are the new fad now.



Couples who plan for destination weddings have a passion to share their intimate wedding ceremonies only with close members of their families and friends. The bride and groom want their guests to take part in all destination-specific activities as well as celebration events usually spread out through the 6 to 8 days wedding week.


Most venues offer wedding packages to make arrangements easier for couples before they arrive with their guests.  Professional wedding planners are also available at almost all of the popular destinations.


It’s time to step away from the traditional wedding experiences to make your wedding a lot simpler, less expensive, more romantic and exciting at the same time. Yay!!! So, all of you single guys and gals — take note, because this definitely sounds like the new way to plan shadis.


While you have the whole world to pick your venue from, here are 10 top rated destinations where people have had amazing wedding experiences.

1. Mexico

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Palace Resorts treats guests with seven fascinating, all-inclusive hotels on the Caribbean Sea. It is perfect for an economical and beautiful destination wedding at the beach. Who wouldn’t want to take vows to love each other in this perfect setting?



Photo by: Andaz Peninsula Papagayo resort

Peninsula Papagayo offers an array of land and sea activities that can make any destination wedding special. You can plan parasailing during the day and then dance the night away at your mehndi. It could also be an ideal location for honeymoon packages.



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Bruges is one of the most beautiful and romantic medieval cities with canals in Belgium, making it an ideal romantic location for a destination wedding. You can book tours for all of your guests during the day and visit monuments close in vicinity on the days you don’t have wedding events.


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The breathtaking Bahamas offers couples everything for a destination wedding depending on whether they decide for developed Nassau, Paradise, Free-port, and Grand Bahama Islands. Your guests would thank you for giving them this opportunity to visit the Bahamas.



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The Reefs Resort & Club in Southampton offers wedding packages that offer a beach backdrop for your ceremony and reception. It is a great location for couples that want a seaside wedding either on the beach or cliffs above the ocean. For heart-stopping pictures,  make sure to get your photo shoots done while the sun is still up.


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Casanova is an Orient-Express property, so perhaps it’s ideal that the hotel is now the priority for couples hunting for five-star service when planning their wedding. Wedding coordinators can assist with church ceremonies as well as other religious events. Hop on a train right after to visit nearby cities. What a way to have the perfect romantic wedding, and go off on your honeymoon.



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Kona Village Resort prides itself on giving guests an authentic yet luxurious, old-Hawaiian experience. Couples stay in individual hales, or thatched roof cottages, inter connected by walkways. Your guests will be able to party with you at night and enjoy the sun during the day.



The perfect private island escape, Motu Tapu is the most photographed isle in the South Pacific. This tiny Motu, just a few hundred yards from the main island of Bora Bora, is best described as the world’s most perfect location to relax, which is ideal for a wedding location.


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Four Seasons Hotel Prague provides baroque styling and a riverside setting; the hotel offers any array of beautiful spaces perfect for any size wedding reception or event. The architecture provides a beautiful background for all your photoshoots.


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Sandals is the granddaddy among destination wedding providers and offers its popular Wedding moons program at all of its resorts on Jamaica and across the Caribbean. If you stay six nights or longer at the resort, Sandals’ Beautiful Beginnings wedding package is complimentary.

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