By: Saman Hayat

I have heard of the time when weddings were not an extravagant affair but intimate, elegant gatherings with close friends and family.

From hand embroidery and stitched wedding clothes to decorations and food preparations; everything was done within the household. Weeks of oil and ubtan massages were followed by homemade wax hair removals and perfumed baths. And when the big day arrived, sisters, girlfriends and aunts would feel honored to get the bride all dolled up.

As appealing as it sounds however, the ways of the world have changed. People are busier, brides are fussier and everything is available at the touch of a button, especially if one has the money to spend.

Besides the wedding jora, the one thing that people end up spending an arm and a leg for is makeup.  Without a doubt, every girl has dreamt of looking a certain way at her wedding, but not all can afford the rates at which bridal makeup is being done. This makes the entire process extremely overwhelming for the bride and her family.

That’s why Desi Wedding Diaries is here to help. DWD knows your dilemma and has done the research for you!

Here is a list of talented makeup artists who will give you the dream look you want without putting a dent in your pocket .

1) Kiran Khan

Khan started her career in 2014 and in just three years became the first priority for many bride-to-be’s. With her flawless 100 watt skin and glittery eyes, more and more people started opting for Khan’s services.

2) Pareesa Kehar

Kehar is another fine young artist who is now pretty popular because of her exceptional talent and reasonable rates. She started with a home studio and has just opened a new studio at Clifton. Way to go girl.

3) Makeup by QB

Pursuing her career as a make-up artist at such an early age with a talent depicted through her brides is completely spectacular. QB’s studio is in DHA just in case you want to book her for your fairy tale wedding.

4) Zara Imtiaz

If you are in DHA, then Imtiaz is definitely your go- to girl. She works her magic to give you flawless, smoked glittery eyes blended to perfection. Also, congratulations to Zara and her team for recently celebrating their third salon anniversary.  

5) Amna Farhad

Based in the mid-city, Tipu Sultan, is where this gifted artist gives you the dream wedding look. Her contouring and blending skills are on point. So rest assure, Farhad will not disappoint you.

6) Sara Salon & Spa

Located inside the boundaries of Creek Vista , Sara salon masters in giving the perfect fairy tale look to their brides. Her artistic ability is so much that her brides have a perfect contemporary finished look. And the best part is, that her salon has more to offer than just make-up. 

7) Zubair at Sabs (Tipu Sultan branch)

The best part about him is that he is a versatile artist with no trademark look. He will give you the look that you want, be it contemporary or traditional. Also, he gets an added benefit of dressing up celebrities quite often. 

8) Ireen Khan

Khan is well known for her traditional desi bride look. She works with details, makes sure you don’t lose your glam and sends you off as a desi queen.

9)  Qadir at Sabs (DHA branch)

This man needs no introduction. For many women, the first preference for a makeup artist is Qadir. He has been with the salon for numerous years and is very well acquainted with bridal makeup.

10) Sana Sarah’s Salon

The salon is a joint venture of two sisters Sana & Sarah, who give you the famous 100 watt skin with mink lashes in just PKR 20,000.
Their salon is situated in Gulistan-e-johar which in an add-on benefit for ladies living in close vicinity.  No more traveling all the way to DHA for the perfect bride look.

Prices for DWD’s list of top ten makeup artists range from PKR18000-40000.  

What a bargain when compared to other makeup artists who charge PKR 65,000 or higher! So, to all the bride-to-bes, choose your makeup artist wisely and good luck for the big day!


Disclaimer: the order of the list has no significance to the work of the make up artist or their prices.

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