This is a story of a hospital wedding

By Aimen Arshad

Every now-and-then we hear of destination weddings but did you ever think of tying the knot at a hospital? No? Well, it just happened a few days ago when a Bangladeshi national Ribat and a Pakistani girl Sana took vows in a Dubai hospital and became the first ones in the UAE to do so.


Their love story started when Ribat and Sana met in Canada while attending university; they soon decided to have a grand wedding in Toronto. The soon to be bride-and-groom had been preparing for a year, for their big day. They even set the date to be July 16th, 2018 and when almost all of the preparations were coming to an end, Ribat’s father fell severely ill.


“All arrangements had been done, bookings made,” Ribat told Khaleej Times. “Over 200 guests and relatives were due to fly from all over the world to Canada for the wedding but now we were in a fix.”


Shahadat Chowdhury, Ribat’s father, was admitted in the hospital and, later on diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) due to which it was difficult for him to breath. His lungs stopped working, which affected his blood pressure and kidneys. Doctors had no choice but to put him on the ventilator. Mrs Chowdhury, Ribat’s mother, was now in a panic and needed her son by her side. The engaged couple wasted no time and flew all the way from Canada to Dubai. Ribat’s father, after weeks of treatments, was finally out of the intensive care but still was not given permission to fly. He had weakness in his lower limbs due to which doctors didn’t allow him to move.


This news was a shock to the couple. Obviously, they wanted Ribat’s father to be there at the wedding. It was then that Sana suggested to have the wedding in UAE’s Aster Hospital, where Ribat’s father could be present. The idea was vivid yet unique. So, the wedding which was to have over 200 guests now had only a few close relatives, doctors and nurses on its guest list. The couple got happily nikkah-fied in front of their parents with their blessings.


Happy groom. Credits: Khaleej Times


The Bride. Credits: Khaleej Times

But the simple wedding didn’t take away the bride’s thunder. Sana looked absolutely stunning in an off-white and maroon sari while Ribat was equally dazzling in his classy black suit.

The conference hall of the hospital where the Nikkah took place was decorated with red-and-white paper flowers. They also had fresh flower petals to shower on the bride and her family when they made their entrance.


Credits: Khaleej Times’ Facebook video

It was difficult for Ribat’s father to attend the wedding so the couple brought the wedding to him. What a lovely gesture to show their love for their parents! After creating history, they decided to have the Valima ceremony on the same pre-decided date, in Toronto.

Happy Family. Credits: Khaleej Times


Desi Wedding Diaries wishes this new couple all the happiness for their future life together! We also wish a Ribat’s father a speedy recovery!


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